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Thank the 12 (2)
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Thank the 12 (4)
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Starting this divine look off with this gorgeous find is a dress fit for a goddess:

  • Body: Republican Medicus's Chiton
  • Dye: Sky Blue
  • This item can be obtained via the Wolf's Den for 4,000 wolf marks and is a healer top. 

    Flowing down from under this beautiful top we make our way to this charming skirt:

  • Legs: Spring Skirt
  • Dye: Sky Blue
  • Obtained by crafting. This is a 3 star level  50 weaver craft.

    Last, but certainly not least, we have the shoes. As any good fashionista knows the proper shoes can make or break an outfit.

  • Feet: Faerie Tale Princess's Heels
  • Dye: Sky Blue
  • Obtained thru the cash shop

  • Alternative shoes: Thavnairian sandals
  • Obtained by crafting. This is a 1 star level 60 leatherworker craft.

    Thank the 12 (6)
    That's it for this month's Divine Design!, Please check back next time to see what outfits we will showcase to awaken your inner Eikon.



  • Design / Layout: Eli @yankiieli on Twitter & Moon Bunny
  • Model / Photography: Laele Nora
  • Writing/ Proofreading : Moon Bunny &
  • Elessia Stormborn

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