Hello,  dear neighbor! Welcome to Reno’s Neighborhood. Here we will be showcasing interviews from fellow neighbors just like you. in this social media spotlight, we will share origins and experiences from final fantasy xiv inspired social media. So please wipe your shoes at the door, come in and make yourself at home.

Featuring Zenku

Zenku Narukami

Server: Siren


Q: What first got you into Final Fantasy XIV, And when did you start?

Zenku:  I was going through a really tough break-up about four years ago; just a devastating one. One of my best friends, who was a huge FF series fan, recommended we buy FFXIV together to take my mind off everything. Our goal was to beat it in the first free month you get then be done with it, but I couldn’t stop playing. I had become so addicted to the world and characters, and that was over four years ago. I bought it maybe the week after it was released for PS4, and I think a month after that the Leviathan trial patch dropped, if that is any indication to how long it’s been?

Q: What inspired you to create a character inspired social media account? When did you start this account dedicated to Final Fantasy XIV?

Zenku: I have a personal Instagram account (that’s never used) and I started being recommended left and right to follow FFXIV character pages. It was so weird to me at first, I didn’t realize screenshotting was that popular. But in all honestly I mostly made a page for Zenku because I was in need of a new FF friend group, and I can safely say it was a great decision to join the community and meet so many unique and talented people. Now taking pictures is a genuine hobby in not just Final Fantasy but other video games as well.

Q: Who is your favorite character based social media account? What do you enjoy the most about their content?

Zenku: That’s tough and it isn’t at the same time. Two accounts come to mind that inspire me constantly is @ffxiv_zachary_carmine and @athenahart.ffxiv. Those two clearly have a passion for being creative and setting their content apart, but in such a way it makes everyone around them get better

Q: Out of all the various scenic places in Final Fantasy XIV, where is your absolute go to place for screenshots and why?

Zenku: You’d think that would be hard but not really. Anywhere in Ala Mhigo,The Fringes, The Peaks, The Lochs. The lighting/areas are so unique and beautiful and all of them have such peaceful music I could listen to all day.

Q: What Race is Zenku’s final form? I’ve seen so many different variations of that Zenku Signature look. Which race represents Zenku Prime?

Zenku: Oh lord who knows anymore. I think at the end of the day Zenku is the AuRa with side horns and sunglasses/spiky hair. It’s my favorite version but I was side horn/Xaela for so long, since Heavensward started. This year has been the first year I keep trying new things. Midlander Zenku is close to my heart since it’s how I started the game four years ago, but I know so many prefer me as the AuRa I started IG with. No matter what, Zenku will always have black hair, blonde highlights and a big smile.