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This month on House Hunters we are following Realtor Daiyu and Gaston as they look for the perfect bachelor pad.  After being rejected by a local beauty he is looking for some fresh hunting grounds for a little wife.  In his search for a great house to impress women and hang his hunting trophies, will he be a winner?

Gaston- “Hello little lady, I’m afraid I have been thinking since I got turned down by the local beauty”

Realtor Daiyu- “A dangerous pastime, but what are you looking for in a house?”

Gaston- “I’m looking for a place to set up a pretty little wife and display all my trophies to make sure everyone knows how great I am.  There should be a kitchen for the future Mrs. Gaston LeGume, and somewhere I can admire myself, this chest hair doesn’t comb itself you know!?”

Realtor Daiyu- “Ooookay Mr. LeGume, let’s see what I can show you today.  Something manly…this first house may be just what you need!”


Gaston- “So many books, and without pictures!? What do you do with them all?”

Realtor Daiyu- “Well some people use their imagination and read them, but they can also make you look sophisticated”

Gaston- “I look burly and manly, but I guess my house could be sophisticated, I mean she did like books… That house had great seating and a great bar area.  I liked the fountain a lot, but I did not see a mirror anywhere.  I would like to see more of me, everyone else gets to see me all the time, but I have to use a mirror to get a good view!”

Realtor Daiyu- “Lets see what else I can line up for you if that wasn’t quite right, glad you liked the aesthetics of the place.”


Realtor Daiyu- “Well this house still has a lot of books, but it has such a wonderful sitting area and a great bathroom for you to … groom your chest hairs.  It also featured a great bedroom and kitchen for the future Mrs. Legume.

Gaston- “I liked the kitchen, good place to make raw egg meals, also a lot of bright windows for people to admire me through.”

Gaston- “I liked the trophies all over with spots to admire them and the large throne in the lobby to display myself!  Still a few books, but two great bathrooms and a mirror.  There were so many details in all 3 houses I know I’m forgetting some.”

Realtor Daiyu- “They all seem like a good fit for a war hero like yourself.  Remember the first house had a great bar and fountain and the second had a great bedroom and kitchen too!

Gaston- “I do not know why she would choose a beast like him over a guy like me, but I do know why I’ll pick one house over the others!”

Realtor Daiyu - “So you want to put in an offer on which house?”

Gaston- “Slow down there little lady, I really loved house 3 but house 2 did have a kitchen.  House 1 however had no mirror.”

Blondie- “Oooohhhhhhh Gaston whichever you pick will be the best of the best I’m certain!”

Gaston- “Okay let’s make an offer on house 2, I hear the librarian has a daughter that is quite comely.”