On this episode of Hydaelyn House Hunters we join some new adventurers who are looking to be roommates.  They would like to rent a smaller house with two bedrooms.  They are open to looking in a variety of areas, but really seem focused on finding a great bathroom.  They have a budget of 35,000 gil per month.

Realtor Daiyu- “Wow it’s so exciting to meet two fresh adventurers! What kind of items are on your must have list for this house?”

Purrina- “We are looking to rent something small and affordable within our 35,000 gil budget since we are new adventurers and make almost no money”

Redford- “We really want our own bedrooms, and a huge fully equipped bathroom”

Purrina- “Yeah, a bathroom is important, neither of us wants to have to keep using bushes outside or walk to the communal ones in the neighborhood.  We do enough walking as adventurers.”


Realtor Daiyu- “This house is a bit over budget at 42,000 gil per month, and only one bedroom but a great communal area and a comfy bench.  It has a great tub to get clean after your adventures!  It’s really close to an aetherite and has a great spacious complete bathroom like you were looking for.”

Redford- “Well I really wanted my own bedroom but I can see how that might work for us, I love that it is close to an aetherite.  Most the things we do for money are walk and teleport all over the maps acting as messengers or fetching items for people, so fast and easy travel is important.”

Realtor Daiyu- “Oh! That wasn’t listed as a requirement, I’ll keep travel accessibility in mind as I look.”

Purrina- “Thanks! I really like the tub here though, after a day running all over talking to people, that sure would be a nice relaxing place.  The crafting bench is nice to have and can help us supplement our funds as well as maybe opening a bar upstairs in that great common area.”


Realtor Daiyu- This house is interesting, it’s larger but a little further from aetherite travel.  It does have 2 beds and a small but complete bathroom, as well as 2 large spas and a garden shower downstairs!  It’s right on budget, with some great common spaces.  It was designed by Suzuki Mitsuo.

Purrina- “Well this looks nice, but the upstairs bedroom feels very public and the downstairs seems to just have a random bed on the floor, not really a bedroom per say.”

Redford- “I don’t mind the placement of the bed, I’ll claim the whole basement as my space!  Who needs a door when I have a floor!?”

Purrina- “Speaking of bathrooms, I need to use one, lets go to the communal before the next house.”


Realtor Daiyu- “This house has 2 bedrooms and a small bathroom upstairs as well as a spa area in the basement.  It does have two Moogle landlords that live here, but they sleep on a pile of gold on the floor and mainly keep to the basement.  It’s 37,500 gil per month, so not much over budget.”

Purrina- “Oh look at the bathroom, it is really cute!”

Redford- “There is even a clock so we can time our uses!”

Purrina- “The landlords living with us seems a little odd, but this place is near market boards and travel.”


Purrina- “I really liked House 2, Its was decorated nicely and had great spa areas, but I don’t like the lack of real bedrooms.  House 3 was mostly everything we were looking for, while House 1 was missing a bedroom completly.”

Redford- “Yeah but House 3 had live in landlords.  I think we can remove House 1, I agree with you there.  I really liked the location of house 2 even though it was further from the aetherite.”


Realtor Daiyu- “Have you made a decision then?”

Redford - “Yes! I think we will go with House 2 because we can each get our own floor and spa and share a middle communal space.”

Purrina- “I can’t wait to have our own place and get out of those Inn rooms!”

Realtor Daiyu- “Okay let’s get in contact with the owners for the rental contract!”