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In this episode, we are following Rosina Leckermaul on her house hunting journey. She is quite the character, and is looking for a few specific items in her house.  

Rosina- “Hello dearies!”

Realtor Daiyu- “Ahhhh! Um hello! What would your wish list consist of for the perfect home for you!?”

Rosina- “I’m looking for a cheery, bright house that will appeal to children.  I want it to be loaded with tempting sweets to eat when you walk in. It must have a large kitchen in the basement with huge, hot temperature ovens.  I would like a securely lockable room in the basement with 2 beds in it, for…um… guests… In addition, I would like a comfortable living space upstairs away from the rest of the house.  My all-in budget is around 100 million gil”


Realtor Daiyu- “This first house is very bright and whimsical from top to bottom! It has a prime location near the seaside shops, although it doesn’t have a very large oven in the basement, or a third floor private suite. However, it has 2 great bedrooms downstairs, and is under budget at 60 million gil, so you could afford to have that put in for you”

Rosina- “Oh, much too close to the seaside shops; far too much traffic and too many peeping eyes. I think something a little more rural and private”

Realtor Daiyu- “Okay, let’s look for something further from the market boards then”


Rosina- “I don’t need to see the third house: this one is perfect!  *cackles* I want to move in right away! The basement would only need a few small touches to be perfect!”

Realtor Daiyu- “I’m glad to hear that! Let’s get this written up.  I’ll contact the owner today. It does have a little hike to get to the market board, which gives it a secluded feeling”

One month later…


Checking back in with Rosina and her house. We can see … hear…?...muffled cries?... Must be some interesting seasonal music.


Walk in

Realtor Daiyu- “Maybe we’ll just…um… leave you to settling in then Rosina!” (to self) and call some authorities…