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Episode 3

In this episode we are following a newlywed couple on their first house hunting adventure together. They seem to have a lot of differences and there will have to be compromises made. Will this couple be able to find a house that fits both of their needs?

Yisui - “I’m Yisui , I’m looking for a house that has a lot of charm and personality, with lots of things to click on and kitschy items. The outside should have a lot of plants and a spa. Our budget is 61 million gil.”
Monglik- “But what I want is something with lots of windows and super clean lines, and no clutter. I’d like a Shirogane feel on the outside; nothing silly. I’d prefer to find something under the item limit so it’s not too cluttered, but with a zen or temple feel.”

Realtor Daiyu- “Well, it sounds like you are looking for two fairly different houses! I’ll do my best to find something that fits both your needs. Which district appeals to you?”
Yisui - “Lavender Beds.”
Monglik- “Shirogane.”


Realtor Daiyu- “This house is a small Lavender Beds plot with a ton of personality. It is fully decorated, and has a great location. It’s priced just right at 60 million gil.”
Yisui - “I love it! I love everything about it! It has a cozy feel with all the amenities and a glorious kitchen! It even has a hidden spa outside!”
Monglik- “Where would one even relax in all the furnishings? I don’t think I can stand the clutter, and what was with all the fish? The outside is hideous, the inside is jarring, and there is nothing open or peaceful here. It’s too busy!”


Realtor Daiyu- “This house is listed under budget at 56 million gil, and leaves a lot of room for your own additions and touches. I think this one will really appeal to you Monglik the designers Erys Night and Pumpkin’Spice Latte did a stellar job in here with a real zen look and feel.”
Monglik - “Now this is a house I can see us in! There is so much space., It feels so large and peaceful and we could really leave our own mark on it by adding a lamp in the corner.”
Yisui - “Umm… I’m not so sure. There wasn’t really any furniture, where would we cook? Or sleep? It was very zen, but not a cozy house.”
Monglik - “No one wants to eat your cooking anyway! We can eat out! There are some great new food stalls in Dhoma”
Yisui - “…”
Realtor Daiyu- (to self) I’m not commenting on this one.


Realtor Daiyu- “This house is a little over budget at 63 million gil, but it features a location near the beach,.Ithas features both of you might enjoy! I know it’s not the the prime location for either of you, but this might be the perfect compromise.”
Monglik - “No, no still too much stuff! It just feels crowded. It’s also further from the food stalls in Dhoma, which is where I will be eating all the time, you know. There is this sweet little roe that makes the best dumplings I have ever eaten!”
Yisui - “It is something to consider…”


Monglik - “Okay it’s decided then, we’ll go with the second house in Shirogane!”
Yisui - “…Really? You didn’t want to talk about this? And our lives in the house we are buying together?!”
Monglik “Nah, I totally want the second house.”

Monglik - “Let’s write up the paperwork and put in a full priced offer. We don’t want to miss out!”
Yisui - “How about you put in an offer on the second house? I’ll put in an offer on the first house? And we can sign the divorce papers next week!?”