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Episode 2

Today we will be joining Goldie Locks and her real estate agent to find a house that is just the right size in Lavender Beds. It sounds like she has had some rough luck with roommates in the past, and is ready to move on.

Realtor Daiyu- “So what are you looking for in a house, Goldie?”
Goldie- “I’m looking for a house that has a cottage feel to it, I want it to be just the right size, and to feel cozy… oh, also there must be delicious food!”
Realtor Daiyu- “Hmm okay, that’s an interesting wish list. What is your budget?”
Goldie *waves agent off*- “I’m not worried about budget for the right house!”
Realtor Daiyu- “What is the right size?”
Goldie- “I’ll know it when I see it, just show me houses! I’m so excited; my last place didn’t really work out - the roommates were grumpy and growly”


Realtor Daiyu- “As you can see, this house is a good sized for one person: cozily decorated, and food out on the tables. You didn’t mention a price but this one is listed at a fair 45 million, with all decorations included.”
Goldie- “Hmm it feels too small. I want bigger! Lots bigger! The food looks a little hot….”


Realtor Daiyu- “This house is much larger, and features some wonderful decorations. Even though it’s much larger it still maintains a cozy feel and, as you can see, delicious food. All inclusive for 200 million gil”
Goldie- “Hmmm the food is a bit cold, the house is too big, and I don’t like the statues all over. They feel like angry roommates. That is a doozy of a price, I don’t want to pay that much I think, especially for food that isn’t right.”

Goldie- “That one! It’s just the right size. I must see it!” *Goldie runs off toward the house*
Realtor Daiyu- “Wait Goldie! That house isn’t for sale! The occupants allow visitors, but you can’t stay there!”


Realtor Daiyu- “Goldie, knowing that that is what you’re looking for, I’ll keep this mind and take a look at the listings again for you.”
Goldie- “Nope, I’m good. I’m just going to have a snack and take a nap here, thank you! This is just what I’m looking for!”
Realtor Daiyu- “No Goldie you can’t stay here; this house isn’t for sale. Someone else lives here.”

Realtor Daiyu- “Well this was interesting turn of events. Hopefully the owner isn’t too disturbed to find a strange person in their house…”