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Episode 1

Today on Hydaelyn House Hunters we will be joining a charming Lalafell couple on their journey to find the perfect house. Hihilu is an NPC that stands around Ul’dah counting grout lines and floor tiles while her husband, Popoki, is a part time minion walker. They are looking for a fully furnished mansion in the Goblet with a budget of 600 million gil.

Realtor Daiyu- “What are you looking for in a house?”

Hihilu- “Everything!”

Popoki- *laughs* “We are looking for something within our 600 million gil budget, near the fountain and market boards, nothing gaudy next door.”

Realtor Daiyu- “As you can see this house is not near the fountain, but it does come in under budget at 530 million gil and it’s right near a market board! This house also currently has no neighbor, so it’s very private. It was designed by Kathein Lulin, one of the Free Company members.”

Hihilu - “Well it is beautifully furnished, but I’m not sure about the man cave downstairs, when will I ever pry Popoki out of there? Also how can anyone observe me counting the floor tiles if we aren’t near the fountain? Everyone goes to the fountain!”

Popoki - “It is conveniently located close to the market board and under budget, I’m just not sure about the wallpaper though.”

Hihilu -  “Oh that paisa house nearby is so horrible! I have to look at it from the yard!?”

Popoki - “It is a short walk to the fountain though where everyone can see us nearby and I liked the decorations.”


Realtor Daiyu- “As you can see this one meets both the location and classy neighbors requirements, but it is over budget at 700 million gil.”

Popoki - “Oh that’s a bummer. That’s really over our budget.  Great location though and some well decorated houses nearby.”

Hihilu “Well this is a tough choice, but I say we should eliminate one.”
Popoki “Yes, I think we are in agreement on which one?”
Hihilu - “Yes, I think we can eliminate House 2.”
Realtor Daiyu- “Which house would you like to pick then?”
Hihilu and Popoki –“House 3.”
Popoki - “I think we can stretch our budget for this one.”