With the introduction of performance mode in patch 4.15 bards and music lovers alike clamored at the ideal that they could now play and listen to music performed in game with their characters. Adding a new element of entertainment to FFXIV. Hoards of players flocked to main city states like Limsa to try their hand at being a in game music sensation or just to have some fun with the new ability. However while the performance mode was fun, it was severely lacking in areas, such as being able to play multiple parts of a song and having to only stick to melodies. These limitations put a bit of a damper on those who had hopes of being able to hold large group performances in game or play more complex songs.
So what's a aspiring bard to do ?

(Furifuri Puripuri,Symphony Aramante, Nare Katol and Raven Ambree)

Nare Katol of Ultros thinks they may have created a solution with his Bard Music Player, I sat down with him at his free company to talk about this new and exciting program.

Moon Bunny : What is Bard Music Player and how does it work?

Nare Katol : It's simply a program made to play bard Performances for you. Ever since the in-game feature was released, I thought of ways to automate the process to play beautiful but also complex songs, in contrast to most players who play small repetitive melodies. The process is rather simple, it just reads the hotkeys you have chosen for the piano keys and converts music files (midi) to keystrokes, which ends up playing the song for you.

Moon Bunny : What inspired you to create this program? Was it the lack of complexity that you were seeing with most bard performances in the game?

Nare Katol : Yes, that was one of the reasons that motivated me, because I realized the creative potential that it had was being missed out on. Hearing the same songs over and over gets tiring after a while, but I suppose that is because many don't know how to play music -- myself included. I envisioned the program to help people overcome that obstacle to allow for more entertaining performances, especially in situations where there's roleplay, which is something I really like. I also personally enjoy the challenge of finding out how the game works on a technical level and, in the end, creating something that will benefit the community.

(Raven Ambree, Furifuri Puripuri, Nare Katol, Symphony Aramante, Miriye Scarletide)

Moon Bunny : I have had a chance to play with your program as the conductor a little. Can you tell people a little bit about this feature and also how your program is different from others out there already.

Nare Katol : This feature, called "Orchestra" in the program, is basically a way for people to play songs together. To keep going with my idea of enriching the in-game performance, I wanted to take it one step further -- instead of only playing part of a song by yourself, this feature would allow people to play several parts of the song, with different instruments, together in synchronization. I find the result, when done right, to be so much more immersive and interesting than single performances! However, this does require skill from a dedicated "conductor", whose task is to make sure the performers stay in sync through-out the song. They will need to listen to the performers, and speed them up and slow them down accordingly if they slip up. The main communication between the conductor and performers is done through the in-game party chat, with specific commands.

There aren't many programs out there that does the same as Bard Music Player. Of the ones that do, I would say that mine is definitely the easier one to use, especially considering that the song files (Midi) has been around for a long time, making them widely supported. Its simplicity allows for most songs to be dropped in a folder and played back in-game without problems, but for those that don't, it's very easy to edit them to your liking.

(Furifuri Puripuri,Symphony Aramante, Nare Katol and Raven Ambree)

Moon Bunny : That being said , who is the program intended for? Is this only supported for PC players?

Nare Katol : It's primarily aimed at PC players, due to its technical requirement of pressing the keys for you. I have no knowledge of consoles, but theoretically it seems like it would be easy to emulate the buttons on a gamepad. But for that, I'd need a console first to develop on.
I think the people who would make the most out of this program would be roleplayers and "street performers", players who play in populated public squares. I've seen more and more bard events as well since Performance was introduced, such as bard competitions or performances for groups of people. This program would be really suitable for them, as they could design a medley of songs to entertain an audience, and focus more on the performance as a whole rather than worrying about their skills of playing it right.

Moon Bunny : I have to say this seems very interesting indeed and am looking forward to seeing it out for people to use as a fun way to be creative and bring something more to the game we all love. When and where will Bard Music Player be available for people to download?

Nare Katol : The final version will eventually be available on a dedicated project site I have created. (
As for the release date, it's difficult to give a specific date, because there are things needed that takes time, such as rigorous testing.
I can safely assure that Bard Music Player 1.0 will be done and released in a few months... most likely in October or so.
Please look forward to it :>

Oh, I will also be announcing the release of the program on the Subreddit "ffxivperformances" where the original version of this program gained popularity.

Moon Bunny : Thank you Nare Katol for sitting down with us at Fat Cat Chronicles to talk about your program and give us all something to look forward to in the future of barding.

Nare Katol : It was a pleasure! I hope people will like and make use of this program! {/bow}

(Nare Katol)

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