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Immerse yourself in a world of fantasy with your favorite fairy tales, re-imagined in Eorzea! The first installment of Eorzean Fables features Lewis Carol’s beloved Alice as she follows a white rabbit down the hole and into the mad world of Final Fantasy XIV.

Wanderlust Travels

Come on a journey with our host, Moon Bunny, as she shows us some of the most unique spots for /gposing in FFXIV!

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Got a question?

Sometimes you just don't know who to ask.

Fear not, for your prayers have come to an answer! Fat Cat is here to challenge the community's most tricky subjects and uncomfortable matters your mind can think of! Ask away (and maybe don't get your hopes up too much... )

Ask Fat Cat

Dear Fat Cat, Lately I’ve been trying my hand at Ultima Ultimate with my static, but it seems like they just don't want to put the effort in! They often fall asleep before we even pull Garuda. What should I do?! Sincerely -Tryhard Static leader

Dear Tryhard, As someone very fond of naps myself, are you recruiting? Sounds like my kind of static. Yours in all things lazy -Fat Cat #askfatcat

Dearest Fat Kitty, How do you deal with mouthy healers or DPS when you tank? I’ve been running into some salty trolls lately while running roulettes. Sincerely -Dilute the salt

Dear Dilute the Salt, That is what shirk is for. Yours in all things sweet not salty -Fat Cat #askfatcat

Dear Fat Cat, My boyfriend gets really bad road rage while he’s driving, which gives me panic attacks. How can I calm the both of us down while we are on the road? -Panicked Passenger

Dear Panicked Passenger, Road rage is a very serious issue. So is my rage when the DPS pull before the tank. Your truly -Fat Cat #askfatcat

Dear Fat Cat, Can you teach me the basics of Dragoon and what I need to know in order to become a full-fledged Dragoon? Yours truly -A fledgling Dragoon

Dear Fledgling dragoon, Two words: floor tank. If the orange puddle doesn’t kill you, you’re doing it wrong. Keep on heavy thrusting -Fat Cat #askfatcat

Hey Fat Cat, Do you have a good bard opener you can recommend? Thanks -A struggling bard

Dear Struggling Bard, I usually open with the Game of Thrones theme and lead into the Pirates of the Caribbean on my lute. You’re welcome. -Fat Cat #askfatcat

Dear Fat Cat, Hey, love your column. So I was wondering what you thought is the most fun job on Final Fantasy 14? Thank you for your time -Needing some fun

Dear needing some fun, Personally, any class that looks good afking in Limsa. #therealendgame Yours truly -Fat Cat #askfatcat

Fat Cat, What’s the best job to play in the game? I’m overwhelmed by all the choices! Thanks -Job-less

Dear Job-less, Any DPS role. Just put on follow and cruise through dungeons while eating pizza and watching anime on Crunchyroll. Yours truly -Fat Cat #askfatcat

Hiya Fat Cat, I’m new to Final Fantasy 14. Do you have any tips for beginners? Sincerely -FFXIV Noob

Dear Noob, Jump potions and tank queues. Yours in all things lazy -Fat Cat #askfatcat

Dearest Fat Cat, Do you have any advice in how to make gil in the game? From -Dead Broke

Dear Dead Broke, Lazy cat is lazy. Find a sugar daddy. Yours truly -Fat Cat #askfatcat

Dear Fat Cat, Noodles or rice? Sincerely, -Hungry person
Dear Hungry person, One would have to be pretty hungry to want to eat any of that. Pushes plate away and goes back to sleep :zzz:
Foodie for life -Fat Cat

Dearest Fat Cat, I have this horrible problem. I always fall for every tank I heal. Is this normal? Should I get help? Sincerely -Loving a guy in sexy armor

Dear Loving a guy in sexy armor, If you want a faster queue, I’ll tank for you. Sincerely -Fat Cat, the Paladin or Warrior. I can Dark Knight, too. #askfatcat  


Fat Cat won’t eat your letters, we promise.